Alfalfa, a primary crop in our environment


If we think of the most common crops in Camp d'Elx, we probably don’t have alfalfa in mind. However, this herb was a fundamental element in our entire rural environment until relatively recently, in addition to one of the most abundant.Its purpose was not human consumption, but it did not have less weight, since it was destined to feed a very...

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The biggest show in the world


Recently -17 April- has been commemorated the World Day of the Circus, an anniversary that celebrates an ancient tradition, formed by a set of activities (a way of life...) that brings to memory the skill, risk, effort or fun. Today, in accordance with the legislation regulating its operation, the circus continues to reinvent itself to offer the be...

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European Craft Days in Agost


On 3 April we were in Agost, enjoying the varied activities that this municipality of l'Alacantí had prepared on the occasion of the European Days of Crafts. We accepted the kind invitation made by the numerous/as friends/as that we have there and there that we went, to spend a sunny Sunday morning, full of fun, entertainment and culture so ...

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A striking example of Valencian ceramics on display in the museum.


Onda, Alcora, Manises, Paterna, Agost, Nules... There are several Valencian towns in which ceramics, pottery or tiles is, since ancient times, the most outstanding local product. We are in a land rich in raw materials necessary for this activity. This, together with a particular creativity of our people, has marked the development of one of the mos...

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Is traditional housing in the Elche countryside at risk?


The debate on the conservation and rehabilitation of the traditional workhouses of the Camp d'Elx is still open due, according to some media, to the problems that many of them are located out of order due to their age. Another problem that their owners and proprietors find, derives from the local regulations that dictate that, in the houses located...

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The constitution of the Fundación Proyecto Pusol is already a fact


Yesterday, February 14 (Valentine's Day, a very successful day, although with a halo of sadness due to what happened in Algoda last week), the Puçol School Museum experienced another very important milestone in its history, a moment that we had been waiting for six years, with a pandemic in between, as the Mayor of Elche said during his clos...

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