An archaeologist in Puçol


From a very young age, history has aroused great interest in me. I remember on family trips forcing my parents to visit as many museums as possible in the place we were visiting. This interest never disappeared, quite the contrary: as it grew, the interest was greater. This led me to opt for a career in History. During the years that I spent study...

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ICOMOS in Puçol


Last weekend, the Spanish Committee of ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites; international non-governmental organization associated with UNESCO) held its 2023 ordinary general assembly in Alicante. On Saturday the 11th, at Casa Mediterráneo, the Technical Conference entitled «Agrarian Heritage in the Mediterranean: a tr...

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News from the past, another reason to visit "A news workshop"


Between January and April 2023, the temporary exhibition “A news workshop. Inside the Diario Información”, which explains how a newspaper was made, specifically the Información, with the existing mechanical technology until the irruption of offset in 1980. In addition to part of the elements used in the printing process, s...

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The ethnographic library of Puçol


It was in 2018 when the new management of the Puçol School Museum, together with the usual technical team, decided to give a 360º turn to its reference library: why not move the novel, the essay, the old manuals to another space in the museum? , etc. and create a single set, mainly ethnography, for public consultation by any interested ...

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The bar “El Pino” (Algorós). History of Francisco and Asunción, “la Barraquera”


(According to the testimonies of Asunción -Susi- Esclapez Mora, Carmen Gómiz Martínez, Asunción Sansano Mallorca, Gaspar Quirant Pomares "el Periquín" and Vicente Vicente Antón "el Arrendador", best man at Susi's parents' wedding) At kilometer four of the CV-851 highway, the well-known “del Leó...

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Women and sewing: commentary on a photograph


As you know, the Puçol Educational-Museum Project has as its raison d'être the safeguarding and dissemination of the traditional culture of our environment. Within this great project, we develop activities based on the recovery of material and immaterial goods (donations, inventory, conservation, recovery of oral memory...) and their d...

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