Friends of the Museum

Ever since the project launched back in 1969, numerous private citizens, companies and institutions have contributed to the successful development of the Museo Escolar de Puçol Project, helping to achieve the foundational objectives of conserving the legacy of previous generations. The project relies on support from volunteers who appreciate and value the Museum as everyone's heritage. They help in different ways, such as providing financial support by organising exhibitions, workshops, courses and conferences, or by editing its publications.

Types of Contribution

The Centro de Cultura Tradicional Museo Escolar de Puçol offers individuals and companies two ways of sponsoring the project. The Museum has five levels of participation to meet different needs, each with specific associated benefits:

  • 25 € Young (under 25 years of age)
  • 25 € Pensioner
  • 50 € Family bonus (two members of the same family)
  • 50 € Senior
  • 100 € Member
  • 150 € Benefactor
  • 500 € Honourable Member

The interested party must register and then pay the selected annual amount. These contributions are 75% deductible for income tax (the first €150). In exchange for their financial help, Friends of the Museum enjoy the benefits listed below:

  • Friend of the Museo Escolar de Puçol card.
  • This entitles the holder to 20% discount on publications produced by the Museum (available in the shop).
  • Free, priority entrance to the Museum.
  • Free “El Setiet” newsletter.
  • Monthly information about scheduled activities.
  • Invitation to public events.
  • Free access to the Museum Library.
  • Special prices for workshops, courses and activities organised by the Museum.

The Benefactor and Honourable Members have a priority, exclusive relationship with the Museum, and they are mentioned on the website and in sponsored areas of the museum.

Become a member


Donations of items, such as utensils, machinery, books, works of art, furniture, etc., are essential to the Museo Escolar de Puçol, since the exhibition is made up of donated items. The Association now has more than 70,000 pieces, some on display to the public, and others stored in the warehouses.

From exceptional donations from historic shops and businesses in the city of Elche, to gifts of personal items belonging to special people in Elche society, such as Aureliano Ibarra and Lola Puntes. Anything significant to its owner is also important to the museum, which welcomes all types of donations.

Donations are received by staff at the main entrance to the Museum. First of all, donors fill in a form with their personal data, which gives written consent for the donated object to become part of the museum funds. Once the document has been signed, and contains the donor’s DNI, the donor becomes part of the donor database, which has more than 1600 entries at the moment. The donation is then catalogued, restored and photographed.


At the end of 2016, a group of entrepreneurs from Elche undertook the task of creating a foundation that would protect the Pedagogical Project, whose main purpose is to safeguard the culture of the Elche people and its dissemination through education. The patrons of this new institution called Fundación Proyecto Puçol for Education Fernando García Fontanet have been for a year looking for sponsors among the people of Elche interested in the protection of the traditions and customs of Elche, thus becoming foundational partners.

Entity Web site
Elx Cultura http://www.elche.es/micrositios/cultura Elx Cultura
Visit Elche http://www.visitelche.com/ Visit Elche
Elche Oasis Mediterráneo http://www.visitelche.com/ Elche Oasis Mediterráneo
Provincial Council of Alicante http://www.diputacionalicante.es  Provincial Council of Alicante
Fundación "la Caixa" https://fundacionlacaixa.org/es/ Fundación
Mediaelx http://www.mediaelx.net Mediaelx
Aigües d'Elx https://www.aigueselx.com/ Aigües d'Elx
Alberola Vulcanizados http://www.vulcanizadosalberola.es Alberola Vulcanizados
Alzis http://alzis.es/ Alzis
AUESA https://www.auesa.com/es/ AUESA
Boix Maquinaria http://www.boix.es Boix Maquinaria
Elche Shopping Center https://www.elcorteingles.es/centroscomerciales/es Elche Shopping Center
Centro Comercial l'Aljub http://cclaljub.com/ Centro Comercial l'Aljub
Construcciones Tecar 2004 S.L. http://ciacbs.com Construcciones Tecar 2004 S.L.
Demetrio http://furgonetasdemetrio.com Demetrio
Club Rotary Elche http://rotaryelche.org Club Rotary Elche
Clave Informática, S.L. https://www.clavei.es/ Clave Informática, S.L.
Digitot http://digitot.net/es/ Digitot
Etiqueta del Mediterráneo S.L. https://www.etimed.es Etiqueta del Mediterráneo S.L.
Eurolosa https://www.eurolosa.com/ Eurolosa
Fundación Grupo Soledad http://www.gruposoledad.com Fundación Grupo Soledad
Heliodoro Vidal Family Heliodoro Vidal Family
Fundación Juan Perán Pikolinos http://www.fundacionjuanperanpikolinos.org Fundación Juan Perán Pikolinos
Fundación Pascual Ros Aguilar http://www.fundacionpascualrosaguilar.org Fundación Pascual Ros Aguilar
Fundación Radio Elche http://fundacionradioelche.es Fundación Radio Elche
Gesem Consultoría y Finanzas, http://www.gesemconsultoria.com Gesem Consultoría y Finanzas,
Grupo Pasarela http://cafepasarela.com Grupo Pasarela
Grupo Antón Comunicación http://www.grupoanton.es Grupo Antón Comunicación
ICAE Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Elche https://www.icae.es ICAE Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Elche
Grupo La Nave https://www.electrodomesticoslanave.es/ Grupo La Nave
Grupo Intacón http://www.grupointacon.com Grupo Intacón
Ismael Quesada SA http://www.ismaelquesada.com/app/portada/portada.asp Ismael Quesada SA
José Ferrández Andrés S.L. http://joseferrandez.es José Ferrández Andrés S.L.
Porronet https://www.porronet.es Porronet
Panama Jack https://www.panamajack.es Panama Jack
Sprinter https://www.sprinter.es Sprinter
Spumatex http://www.spumatex.es/esp/ Spumatex
TM Grupo Inmobiliario https://www.tmgrupoinmobiliario.com/ TM Grupo Inmobiliario
Urbaser https://www.urbaser.com/ Urbaser


Entity Web site
Association for Rural Development of Elche Field http://turismoruralelche.es  Association for Rural Development of Elche Field
Agrupación Rural Sur de Alicante http://www.galsurdealicante.es Agrupación Rural Sur de Alicante
Asociación de Restaurantes del Campo de Elche Asociación de Restaurantes del Campo de Elche
Abece artes gráficas https://abeceartesgraficas.com/ Abece artes gráficas
Cefire Elx http://mestreacasa.gva.es/web/cefireelx Cefire Elx
Elche Acoge https://www.elcheacoge.org/ Elche Acoge
Universidad Miguel Hernández https://www.umh.es Universidad Miguel Hernández
University of Murcia http://www.um.es University of Murcia
University of Alicante https://www.ua.es University of Alicante
Universidad Cardenal Herrera CEU https://bit.ly/3JAaSQ5 Universidad Cardenal Herrera CEU
Cátedra Arzobispo Loazes (Universidad de Alicante) https://web.ua.es/catedra-loazes Cátedra Arzobispo Loazes (Universidad de Alicante)

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